Socifi - press release


After eight months of development digital agency PositiveZero.co.uk introduced its own product under the Socifi brand which aims global market.

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Tomáš Silný as a Member of International Awwwards Jury 2013


Some of you as digital media lovers may have noticed the great news - our creative director Tomáš Silný has become the first Czech member of Awwwards Jury 2013. We have received many questions about how to get into this prestigious jury and what is needed to be done for that.

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Digital Delicatessen - Let's have a look at cars

20.10.2012    Tomáš Silný   

We have decided together with the cooperation of Design Portal to create new series about the novelties of contemporary digital world. We in PositiveZero.co.uk perceive online as an independent field that can't be limited by other media. Online is not a mere interactive leaflet as most taskmasters think. Our main centre of interest will be all conceivable projects and mere design will not be the only criterion for evaluation. We will introduce you different websites, microsites, social media campaigns or landing pages which not only have great graphic aspects, entertaining and innovative points but also they arouse emotions and leave impression.

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Cookies in EU continued

16.10.2012    Vendula Peřinová   

As we have already sketched, question marks on the new EU cookie directive have appeared lately in the digital community. We got many answers but we had to investigate what it is all about on our own. The result is an article for Marketing&Media Magazine.

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Stop redesigning, start designing

1.9.2012    Zdeněk Hornych   

I did not go crazy. If we really know that a redesign is needed and high quality results expected, we can hardly change an existing draft made in 2009. The digital express doesn't stop; it is on the constant move. Everything has changed. Nowadays, we have new and better opportunities so don't try to put pieces of different projects together, create new comprehensive ones..

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What to do with cookies in the EU?

26.8.2012    Vendula Peřinová   

You've probably heard about the news that the EU came up with. Or haven't you? The EU’s e-Privacy Directive is based on the fact that every user has to be notified of using cookies and mapping his or her activity.

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18.8.2012    Zdeněk Hornych   

So much has changed in a digital branch over the last years so that other branches have a lot to envy (e.g. technology, demands and information transfer). The most significant change has occurred in the digital branch. Digital is neither a paper sheet nor a television. It is a unique medium.

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The reason of having dogs in the office

16.8.2012    Vendula Peřinová   

We've decided to explain why having dogs in ad agencies is such an important thing. Our serious and investigative research has come up with a plenty of advantages why to have a doggie.

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Thoughts on Fabrika's article: We solve our problems

6.8.2012    Zdeněk Hornych   

The article about company and opinions of the owner of Fabrika published in the last Marketing&Media magazine issue really got me.

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Creative Commons for designers and agencies

29.7.2012    Lucie Ebnerová   

Creative Commons (CC) is an English term referring not only to a kind of licence, but also to a non-profit organization founded in 2001. The aim of the organization is to legally share and spread authors creative pieces of work (works of authorship). Moreover, CC has released many copyright licenses since its foundation.

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We took a peek at T-Mobile and Vodafone

12.7.2012    Zdeněk Hornych   

We were given another task by Michal from Marketing&Media magazine - to evaluate Czech websites of T-Mobile and Vodafone and define their pros and cons. We accepted that challenge.

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