Digital Delicatessen - Let's have a look at cars

20.10.2012    Tomáš Silný   

We have decided together with the cooperation of Design Portal to create new series about the novelties of contemporary digital world. We in PositiveZero.co.uk perceive online as an independent field that can't be limited by other media. Online is not a mere interactive leaflet as most taskmasters think. Our main centre of interest will be all conceivable projects and mere design will not be the only criterion for evaluation. We will introduce you different websites, microsites, social media campaigns or landing pages which not only have great graphic aspects, entertaining and innovative points but also they arouse emotions and leave impression.

Where to start?

Cars and other vehicles are the perfect means for evoking emotions. Car manufactures have large budgets at their disposal so they can produce expensive or luxurious goods, therefore, their brand presentation and communication should be appropriate. Before exploring overseas online situation we would like to say a few words about the situation in the Czech Republic.

Czech Skoda

The digital branch is a rapidly developing field so it is necessary to use proper technology. I really wanted to see the new Skoda commercial few weeks ago. I visited its website but a big problem occurred– I didn’t have MS Silverlight. An ordinary user hardly knows what MS Silverlight is and when there is no link for downloading the program, a great UX fail is born. I guess, and Skoda people should be aware of the fact as well, that there is a tiny possibility that the user will immediately use Google to find MS Silverlight, install its plug-ins, go back to the site and will watch the desired video. They will not. And the conclusion? A proper technology choice really does matter!

PositiveZero - Škoda auto


Hyundai microsites - Veloster and i20

The whole concept, design and technical parameters of microsite Hyundai Veloster is so great that it has become a global success. Moreover, the project has many follow-ups and modifications e.g. for models i20, i30 and others.

PositiveZero - Hyundai

PositiveZero - Hyundai


Volkswagen Street Quest

VW plus Google Street View equals to an impressive and very interesting FB campaign. The purpose of the application is to find as many VW cars in the streets of the Republic of South Africa as possible. The user with the highest number of tagged cars is the winner. Try it before it’s too late!

PositiveZero - VW



The website with interactive Zen video introduces a new model range of Mitsubishi.

PositiveZero - Mitsubishi


Nissan Planet Zero

The next and very interesting interactive campaign was created by Nissan. In its presentation, the company portrays a new and better world, the world without cars producing harmful CO2 are replaced by electric vehicles.

PositiveZero - Nissan Planet



Beauty, elegance, retro, the present all create the perfect presentation of Vespa scooters. Vespa equals to an effective and refreshing design.

PositiveZero - Vespa


Toyota screensaver

Toyota screensavers are cool! They are producing a new Toyota car every 5 seconds and some of the models are really fantastic.

PositiveZero - Toyota


Toyota – Yaris – It's a car!

The use of humour is the certainty of success. The same concept can be found in a funny video of Toyota website.

PositiveZero - Toyota


Volkswagen Amarok – Facebook gallery

VW Amarok has bet on a creative use of Facebook photo gallery.

PositiveZero - Amarok


Mercedes - Escape the map

Escape the map is a brilliant campaign with an unconventional use of Street view. The aim is to rescue Mary and free her. Unfortunately, the website isn’t active anymore but thanks God for Youtube!

PositiveZero - Mercedes