The reason of having dogs in the office

16.8.2012    Vendula Peřinová   

We've decided to explain why having dogs in ad agencies is such an important thing. Our serious and investigative research has come up with a plenty of advantages why to have a doggie.

You can find them everywhere - on the floor, under the couch or table or with their heads in a fridge. That is how doggie’s life looks like. We love them and recommend them to everyone. Our reasons of having them are truly ingenuous.

Anti-stress pet

Squeezing of special balls is out of fashion (an apology to our colleagues from 3D division). Doggies do have other special anti-stress powers which will do the trick, e.g. they can wag their tail (if they have some), jump into your lap (in case they do not weigh as your colleague next to you does) or they can lick your face (but be sure that you don’t want to know who or what the dog was licking before).

The perfect excuse

Imagine the following situations: Art director's delicious sirloin beef is in the fridge and it is hard to say no to it. The perfect excuse "It wasn't me, the dog did it!" Important meeting starts in 5 minutes and you can't find your brief paper. "It wasn't me, the dog ate it!" You fall asleep at work and a funny sound comes out of you. "It wasn't me, the dog is snoring!"

Effortless cleaning

While staring into your computer, you can easily overlook a big piece of pizza falling down on the floor. In this case Murphy's Law works for 120% in the working environment –the pizza will fall down by the toasted and greasy side downwards. Don't worry. Just whistle, lift your feet up and your problem will be solved immediately.

Faithful friend

After imposing 392 requirements to all your colleagues it is obvious that no one wants to speak to you anymore (account executives know what it is all about). This can never happen with our furry pets. And if so, you can bribe them very easily with a dog jerky. Not sure if this would work with colleagues, probably not without having a black eye.

Last but not the least benefit of having dogs is that someone will eagerly await you and will warmly welcome you when you come to the office. Hallelujah to doggies!