Thoughts on Fabrika's article: We solve our problems

6.8.2012    Zdeněk Hornych   

The article about company and opinions of the owner of Fabrika published in the last Marketing&Media magazine issue really got me.

I am getting a bit allergic to the statements and thoughts about economic crisis, hard times and other comments of such kind. Yes, clients require a great production, adequate results and agencies which just do not resell "package" with added profit margin. They have to come up with their own knowhow, ideas or perfect logistic. It is not only dependent on suppliers.

Fabrica: náš problém řešíme (Marketing&Media)

If both parties agree on a concept "I will pay when our client pays us" and are ok with that (especially the supplier), I don’t care. On the other hand, if they do not agree, it is what I would call an abuse of a business stance. How can a supplier influence the payment of goods or services by a third subject? What if the payment was not made properly and it was not a fault either of the agency or of a supplier?

Let me tell you an example. Imagine, you buy a car in a showroom and sell it immediately but the buyer does not pay for it so you decide to tell your showroom that you will pay after you get money from that buyer. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? So why do companies do it every now and again?! Therefore, I totally insist on legal companies’ responsibility so we do not have to be witnesses of it.

Another absurd fact is that companies with distraint are able to solve their financial problems by executing projects covered by state money. Do you think that it is appropriate for these companies to win state commissions? No, it is not. The agencies try to deal with their financial problems by cooperating with financial institutions which help them with cash-flow.

You cannot do business in a way "I will pay when they pay me". Companies should try to be self-sufficient and fund their own projects without third parties. Personally, I could never tell my partners that we will pay them after our clients do. Suppliers do not care because they have to take care of their own businesses.

It is necessary to enhance the Czech payment behaviour to the same level as is in the western world. This should not only be a basis of all companies’ strategy but also an honour to meet liabilities without delay and urgency.