We took a peek at T-Mobile and Vodafone

12.7.2012    Zdeněk Hornych   

We were given another task by Michal from Marketing&Media magazine - to evaluate Czech websites of T-Mobile and Vodafone and define their pros and cons. We accepted that challenge.

We weren't given so much time so we decided to skip a rating of CSR. We would need much time and space for simulations of concrete users' problems. Our evaluation is based only on the design, basic UX and overall impression.


klady Firstly, UX continuity and an instinctive navigation are the clear strengths of a corporate pink website. The subsections of each tab are easily understandable, especially due to their icons. At the same time, they help users not to lose motivation in searching for desirable information. Secondly, an interconnection of the main web visual with T-Mobile offline communication is a small but a very important element of synergic marketing because the user knows that he or she is at the right place.
zápory Some of the layouts are not graphically well organized, e.g. a subpage with mobile phones’ details looks too simply and plainly. I really miss the option to compare mobile phones’ characteristics. Technical parameters are very user unfriendly, that’s why I want to leave after reading the first chart.


klady Quite good responsive design to a particular display resolution
Great UX continuity
Information is very well-organized


Concerning a design impression, Vodafone’s website is a bit boring to me. I expected much more from this telecommunication provider. Responsive design is great but not done to a great detail. Not all the pages can adjust to the actual resolution and you have to scroll both directions. What a shame! Vodafone has always kept the idea of fresh and original communication and funny design. Unfortunately, all is missing in their online presentation. You can become a bit confused by the menu due to an enormous number of items it has. The presentation of mobile phones is better than of T-Mobile. The information about technical parameters is well-organized so user's choice is pretty straightforward. On the other hand, we found quite a funny design visual! The graphic icons are with a sort of drop on the top, nobody would expect anything like a mobile phone wrapped in a condom on Vodafone's website :)


T-Mobile vs Vodafone

And what about oxygen giant?

We weren't asked for that kind of evaluation but if you are interested, let us know. We would love to do that!