What we make great

We believe in indomitable power of positive emotions in digital media.

We believe in creative design and new technologies.

We have a vision. We set trends.

Strategies &

We think strategically. We analyse and plan. We focus on successful campaign that reflects any specific behaviour of any target group. Quality guaranteed. Obviously, functional solutions are offered.

Project analyses
Campaign plannings
Strategy plannings
Analyses of campaigns success
Independent analyses


Multidisciplinary experience we use are the ones that lead us to produce the highest standard of creativity. We combine new ideas, user comfort and usability. We bring very fresh solutions and gain results expected.

Web design
Creative concepts

Motion design
Interactive design
Creative mobile solutions

Design of applications and tools

User eXperience

The highest efficiency for users is the main passion of our work duty. For us, the user plays the key role. It is him who we prepare story for, who we guide through content. We want our user entertained, to feel nice experience. So we raise his loyalty concerning the brand & make his marketing aims come true.

WireFrame models
Content preparation
Interactive design
Availability testing
A/B testing
Multi-variation testing
Heat maps
Behavior & GEO targets

Social media &

We integrade social media, use them effectively for applications, competitions & games and it meets the objectives set. By strategic thinking, creativity & enthusiasm for brand, we can create the best environment for successfull campaigns according to maximum involment of key audition. Your clients are that important. They love social networks. We do catch their attention.

Social competitions & campaigns
Logistic expedition of wins
Strategic planning
Crisis communication


Modern technologies are tools for success. Exploring new solutions of high scalability & stability. Our very own development team secures a possibility to carry out any solutions in account on KPI and project aim.

Technical solution analyses
iOS Apple support devices
Multi platform development
Server solution development
Standalone solution development

Cloud hosting

High sophisticated cloud hosting in a modern datacenter is just standard for us. 560 billion of running operations, 370 000 requests per second, 73 000 square meters servers. Scalable data center for very fast applications growth & services, their expanding across regions & continents. Hundreds of instances waiting for the one and only command to raise the power of your application. We do cloud hosting.

Data centres in 4 continents
Redundant technologies
S3 filesystem
CDN (Content Delivery Network)
100% compatibility with AWS Amazon
7 independent data regions


Brand is the name, signature figure, lust indeed surplus value all together. We desire the best result, because we love success of your brand.

Corporate identity
Manuals of visuals

Brand awareness
Market environment analyses
Process implementation when CI changed
Product identity